Aug 27, 2004

Just a little update, because what is stated below is outdated.

This is the page for my ZZT games, I have not developed in many a years since about 2001. I do not believe there to be dead links anymore, please use report error to if you find one. Also report sightings of


Welcome to the part of my site that is all ZZT. It is prone to broken links please forgive me. I must say that most of the content on my ZZT pages date back to 2001 unless you see a "Page last updated:" thats states otherwise. This means links to outside websites maybe dead. You may tell me of a dead link @: Also "Modified" is used for when dead links were removed but that does not mean the content of that page has been updated.

The reason this has not had any resent updates is I have stopped development on one ZZT games, so I have been out of the loop for what has been happening.

Also, if at anytime you see a place that says to email me at that will not work and please let me know where it is because I probably won't find them all.

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