Look around there are a lot of english words you can start using right away.

  1. Archive of cool words of the week
  2. This is a large archive with pronunciations and definitons. The list is in no particular order other than newest to oldest.
  3. Cool Words
  4. This has a list of more common words, giving a brief history and sometimes synonyms or similar/related words. Pronunciations, and definitions are also on this site.
  5. Rare Words A-O
  6. Many words, listed alphabetically. Definition provided.
  7. Rare Words P-Z
  8. The last of the words from the same site as above.
  9. Useful/rare/interesting words
  10. Categorized words with pronunciation and definition. The words can actually be useful if you remember them. S)
  11. Forthright's Favourite Words
  12. A list of fifty words that Forthright has deemed rare. Pronunciations, definitions, and a breif explination of how it is used.
  13. Unusual Words
  14. Your not likely to have a great use for these words, as they have some of the most indepth meaning to refer to nothing important. Just think would you have a use for the word that refers to "The practice of eating or drinking while lying down"?
  15. Words that are their own antonym
  16. This doesn't have the best words and most of them are based off of slang terms.