Game Reviews

Septerra Core 10% Action 70% Adventure 20% Strategy A

Here's the thing about the RPG genre, I generaly don't play it. This is because it is takes too long and you need to get into it. Well, the getting into an RPG is fairly easy seen as how the plots are better than any other genre. But, with the game play being so long I almost never beat the RPG. Now the RPGs that are not turn-based I can stand more, unforctonatly this is not one of them.

Well enough with my problems.First off it is turn-based, but you can decide that you want to go in 3 section on the timing bar. Each section has different types of attacks. If you wait for the last section (also refered to as level 3) you can still fire the level 1 attacks and that will do a little more damage. You also get fate cards (They use the Core Power) with the fate cards you can summon creatures to attack or summon deffencive messures. (Unfortuanatly you get the best cards near the end)

If you are a fan of RPG like FF or other turn-based battles you will like this, I mean I did. Also for the RPG and FPS fans it is a dual pack with Shogo and Septerra Core only $10.

Dark Reign 2 B-

Wow, 3D and not the way WarCraft 3 does it. You get full control of the camra 360 degree view and the ability to raise and lower the camra. There are 2 sides in this game, like the old Warcraft, ??? and Sprawlers. If you are used to the way Blizzard does there controls your going to have to learn a new way. Left Click will select troops, move troops and attack enemies. Right click, deselects and draging moves the camra, like putting it to the edge of the screen. It has night and day but I do not know what it does other than change the lighting.

I was not drawn into this game because of the plot, I just like the 3D (It can add some strategy). But it has to do with the races at war or atleast them trying to accomplish different goals.

Bang! Gunship Elete F

(I have not gotten past the first misson) Crap, thats the only way to discribe this game. Why? I dispise the controls, to stear you move the mouse and the ship turns in that direction, like the new Freelancer (Freelancer did better), for one your gun fires in the Center of the screen so not haveing instant turning makes aiming at someone hard. I like Freelacers because you can turn it off and it shoots where the curser is. Now if these controls sound fine to you go ahead and get it but I must say Freespace would be a better place to put your money.

Luckly for me I bought it with The Moon Project.

Shivers II 20% Adventure 80% Strategy A

Another Myst type game. If you have only played the series up to Riven then this may be new to you. Like in Myst you can only move by clicking in the apropreate area, but you can look up, down, left, right in 360 degrees. In the game you are trying to solve a mystery that has taken over Cyclone. And of course to do so you have to save puzzles.

As a fan of this genre this would be a good addition to Riven lovers.

Unreal 75% Action 25% Adventure A+

This revolutionary engine was far superior to any other 3D engine of its time, and I still think it is great. If fact the engine was so flexable many games used it, you can see a list on my Common "Engines" page. I must say Epic Megagames knows how to make the outdoors look good.

The game is not like a story book, it has a story but it mainly focuses on "You are a prisoner that crashed on a strange planet the crew was killed in the crash now kill anything (other than nali) that moves. One of the things I liked most about Unreal was the weapons. Each one had its stragths and weaknesses against enemies. Even the Dispersal Pistal, the weapon you start with, has its molments in the game. This gets away from the "Oh, more powerfull weapon I better save this for stronger enemies." (I still love doom) You judge what weapon to use by who the enemy is there distance and placing around objects. I think the worst thing that happend to unreal is in the expansion having added the "standard" terren weapons.

If you are looking for a $10 FPS this is the game.

Unreal Tournament A

Ok FPS lovers here is your game; if you like, well, shooting things because they move or because they are not on your team. Like Quake 3 you are in staged battle between other humans or bots (computer controled) Plot is not important in this game but you can watch the beginging sceen for the story. It has DeathMatch (kill everyone), Domination (claim the most terretory before times up), CTF (Capture the enemy Flag), and Assult (Short mission with objective, then deffend)

Whiplash/Powerboat Racing D

No, don't get it. Get NFS, Driver anything but these. The game is old so the world physics are crapy.

Thief 40% Action 10% Adventure 50% Stealth B+ D

Alright I have a bone to pick with this game. I like the game for the first like 7 levels, good idea to keep the killing down to some degree but they went too far. I like getting things out of my way. So on easy you can pritty much kill all you want, this made it nice to sneak around and take people out one at a time. (I really like the bow) The NPCs are smart in this game; in that they take note of dead bodies on the ground, unusual noise and blood stains. I even ran into someone noticing when one of there friends vanished (because of me of course). After level 7 though they put zombies in it (ok so they introduced them earlier but not to this extent) You can kill zombies but only with Holy Water, which lasts for 30sec and you need to use your water arrows. This is annoying because then you need to save Holy Water so you end up running from the zombies for the most part. They also had flying balls of fire these, though unusual, are not that bad because water arrows take them out in one hit. Oh did I forget to mention the balls are also intellegent.

I found this to be a great game when I can kill things. Even having not finnished it because of the zombies I still think it was worth the $10.

Shogo 95% Action 5% Adventure A-

In this anime inspired game you are either on foot or in a MCA(Mobile Combat Armor). You never change from one to the other within the level though, but it was still well done. Another thing is the game is short, I don't see that as a bad thing though because I was able to accually beat it, unlike most of my games.

The game is good and worth the $10, expecial if you get the dual pack with Septerra Core. For some reason to me the game seems to handle like Half-life but I do not know why. And like most games storyline makes the game more playable and the storyline in this is nice it has some twists and at one point you have 2 option, ok at 2 points but the first one does not make a differents to the outcome.

Oni 100% Action A

Boring? No. A game with complete action. This is an anime inspired game so that is what the drawings are like. You're Kanoko who is learning martial arts, and also how to use consols. Yep, that is one bad thing about the game, the goal is generaly get to a consol to open a door to get to another consol. During the playing of the game this did not cross my mind until I read about it in a review (like this one) and now looking back on it yes that is the goal but it unfolds the plot, which was one of the things I was intersted in. There aren't too many moves that can be done but if your like me and suck and combo's then that number is cut into 1/4 its not that the combos are too hard its just I really really suck at them.

Aside from this the fighting is great, because this is made as a fighting game they only let you cary one gun, like Halo's 2 guns(they are made by the same company) the weapons they provide are nice they even have a sniper substitute. Another thing because I don't buy newer games ($50) I have not seen many fighters that aren't like restling which keep you in a ring. I would have to recomend getting this game, but since it is more likely you can judge better by what I have told you about it, rather then me saying buy it. (Oh, and also the PC version, Yes you can recofigure the keys if you don't like them. The file is Key_config.cfg.

Beyond Good and Evil (BGE) 15% Action 70% Adventure 5% Strategy 10% Stealth B-

The main thing about this game is that it is probably best played by 10-12 and under. This is not because of the story, it is the gameplay, equipment, and strategy. Unlike Zelda games, that give you an inventory of many things to choose from, BGE you only have a "Daku Stick" and "Sling Shot". Granted that is not what they are called, Dai-Jo and Gyrodisk Glove. At times (most of the game) you will have a partner to help you. You get two different partners in the game each has a "special" attack you ask them to perform. During the game you switch partners and the sad part is the net affect of the new guy's "special" attack is the sam as the first guy. Puzzles are also very simple, figuring out what you need to do is fairly easy, doing can sometimes be the trick. The hardest parts in the game were the final boss and the times I found myself asking, "Where to now?" or "where is that place?".

However, the story can be enjoyed by all ages. It has an intrigueing story with ounly one downfall. A conclusion that raises more questions that it answered. If your looking to get this game try to wait for the sequal to come out. I don't know of one being planned though.

Prince of Persia (PoP) 50% Action 10% Adventure 50% Strategy A

Hey, hold up, wait a minute. ACtion, adventure, and strategy can't add up to 100%. I did this because there really isn't any adventure to the game, but it is done so well that it feels like there is some.

The action in the game is quite entertaining. Having several diferent attack combos, which are handled in a way that is intuitive. Many of the attacks and doges I did without thinking and they could be done easily. I did have to get used to blocking, which when learned can be vary helpful and fun.

The strategy comes in with a lot of dodging of traps, jumps, wall scaling, and time control. The game gives you the feel of being able to go where you could in really life. I do have a complaint that when walking along a ledge against a wall pieces of the ledge will fall off, but those areas you are not allowed to walk on; this includes before the peices show any sign of coming off, where is the danger in that?

The dager. Have you ever heard of Blinx the Cat? When I first heard that time was controllable, I thought that would be a fun game. Once I played it, I found that controlling of the time was done poorly. When I heard about PoP's ability to control time I thought, "I sure hope they did it right." and they have. There is supposed to be a way to freeze the world but I have not gotten that to happen and I beat the game. One thing I find funny, you don't start with the dager but you have a sword. Once a battle is completed you go to put the sword away, and at the same time the dager, oh, you don't have one.

The story was a great part of the game. With an ending left open for a sequal but saticfying enought there is no need to play the sequal unlike Beyond Good & Evil. The story's potential is also not unleashed until the very end of the game.