The Travel

After Gorge got dressed and ready for work, he was ready to go. When he opened the door, he saw Keen standing on the door step.

“Hey man, let’s go, we haven’t much time.” Commander Keen said in a hurry.

“You don’t have the right guy; anyone could do it better then me.”

“No! You are the only one who will be able to operate the Hover Craft correctly in battle. The hand eye coordination and the speed needed to control it, will hamper any other person succeeding and they’ll fowl it up completely.”

They ran to the Bean-With-Bacon and got in, Keen and Gorge in the front and the Hover Craft in the back. Keen took the controls and up, up, up, and down they went. They were keeping low so they would not get caught by the radar.

Once they were on the corse, they went to bed and slept for some of the travel. Gorge opened his eyes a little and noticed a sign that said WARNING. Gorge ignored it for a while until he had realized that it flashing.

“Commander Keen. Wake up, Commander Keen.”

“What is it?”

“The warning sign.”

“What about it?”

“It is flashing.”

“It is? Well, why didn’t you say something? Oh, no.”

“What! What is it?”

“Enemy ship approaching. Gorge your going to learn to use the Hover Craft sooner then planed.”

Gorge got into the craft and grabbed one joystick then the next. He turned the key and the lid closed and all the cool lights started to glow. Keen explained what every: button, switch, and lever did in a matter of about a unaminute.

Keen then flies the Bean-With-Bacon below the gigantic ship. Gorge looks up and sees the larger ship with the words, “Mortimer’s Evil Bad-guy Space Floaty Thing A.K.A. The Contastraoid”. Gorge and his Hover Craft are suddenly lunched up out of the Bean-With-Bacon as Commander Keen pushes the eject button. Gorge knows that if he does not get into the ship that he will be pulled down, from the anti-gravity thrusters. While Gorge looks up at the ship for an opening, it seemed to open up as thought to welcome them onto the ship. As Gorge entered the ship his stomach turned from the fright of his soon to be first battle.

“Welcome to my ship, The Contastraoid.” Announced a voice over an intercom, “I am surprised that you have come of your own free will instead of me forcing you into the ship. . . What the HELL YOU AREN’T KEEN!”

“No, I am not!” Gorge announced with anger.

“Then who the hell are you?”

“I am, a , am a, a, Gorge The Guy Here To Destroy You. No, no, a, I am Captain Gorge.”

“But, I want to destroy Keen, not a decoy.”

“What are you are you trying to imply?”

“If that was Keen in that puny ship, then he is long gone.”

“You lie!”

“Believe as you wish.”

As Gorge has to fight off all the enemies on the Contastraoid, Keen heads for Mortimer’s hideout. Please join us next week for another exciting episode of Adventures With Bill.

“Hi, I’m Troy McCleur. You might remember me from such news reports as, The Man Who Didn’t Know What He Was Saying, and I Wasn’t Thinking. Today we are going to discuss the matter of us not being on The New Red Green Show and we are not a news station either.”

So, I screwed up. But we now know that Gorge was only needed as a decoy so Keen could save the universe.

“Stay There, this is Fly By, do you read?”

“We read you go ahead Keen.”

“I have dropped off Gorge and am now heading for Mortimer to destroy his planet.”


After about half a year of travel Keen reaches the planet of his rival. The planet zarakeet is surrounded by the ships of Keen’s opponents. Keen has to engage in a dog fight with the other ships.


After hours of grueling battle between the spacecrafts, Keen succeeds in destroying all enemy fighters. Strangely enough after all that combating no one else was alerted making it easier to get through the Beam Emitter Doodad. He waited over five hours before the field went down.