Future: Google

Jan 2008
"Google is the future."
- Jesse Phillips

I would like to present my idea as to where Google will be going with their company. Google's goal is to, "organize the worlds information." So they have been expanding and increasing the types of information to which they organize.

There have also be other predictions as to what Google will release next, one of these was the Google Operating System. Such rumors claim that they will release on operating system that will compete with Microsoft. This prediction seems to have been proved false. Google has admitted to using a modifiedUbuntu in the work place, being called Goobuntu, but this is not a ground braking innovation. A third party has created Gos, which uses Internet applications as the main programs, most of which are produced by Google.

I would like to present the idea of the Google Wiki. Google has done a lot of changes for its information gathering and storage, but not as much for its organization. But there hasn't been a lot of change in how the information has been organized. Sure you search for something and get websites with the desired information, but that's not really organizing it. This leads to what is the best way to organize information. And my answer to that is a Wiki page. Whether you feel thatWikipedia's information complete or accurate, it does organize the information you are reading up on for a topic very nicely. I am not claiming here that Google will be hostingWikipedia pages, or that such a page is editable by its viewers. With hug innovations of computer AI, I think Google will create the wiki page. That is to say, you do a search on fish, it will generate a Wikipedia style page based on the information it gets from its crawls through the web. That is it, a page created specifically for what it is you are looking for. You want to know about the moon landing, it will find information from the NASA website and generate organized information about it, while including the information given by the skeptic who claims it never happened from geocities.com/users/fgrd7324