Tightening US Security

Feb 2007
"Give everyone a box cutter."
- Jesse Phillips

The government in the USA sees a need to increase the security around the country. I'm sure everyone agrees that security is important. Since the attacks of 9/11 the US government has been given more control over our freedoms and increased security in many public facilities. Such security increases usually amount to having everyone walk through a metal detector and bags through X-ray machines. A joke Chris Rock once said was to, "Never go to clubs with metal detectors. Sure it feels safe inside. But what about all those niggas waiting outside with guns? They know you ain't got one."

So I have a great idea for increasing security of any building. Starting with the airports, everyone that steps on to the boarding ramp should be handed a box cutter. Everyone that enters into the flight museum should be handed a box cutter. Every teacher should have access to a gun. Any place that currently checks to see if someone is carrying a weapon should instead require all those coming in to show proof of being armed.

When I say everyone, I do include exceptions. This would be young children. Truly it should be a measure of maturity, but as that would take to long and is to hard to make quantitative, we would just stick to an age limit.

Television Morals

"I do not like South Park."
- Jesse Phillips

Morals on television are getting out of hand. What happened to the good old shows that just were. Lately in children's cartoons and other adult shows, morals have become blatant statements and life lessons of the characters. This is really bad in children's cartoons such as South Park (keep in mind I'm not politically correct, but feel free to flame me for calling it a children's cartoon). Shows like South Park have the characters go through a life situation and at the end of the show someone gets to say, "I looks like we learned..." This really is the only thing that bugs me about South Park and other shows. I even agree with what is being taught in the show.

People are Stupid

"I hate people, but persons are great."
- Jesse Phillips

I would like to clarify by defining how I use the two seemingly identical words. Persons are individuals, and people is a group of persons. What I am saying is that 'persons' is the plural of 'person' referencing to them as individuals. 'People' is the plural of 'person' referencing to them as a collective.

When I say I hate people I am referring to hating the stupidity of the collective. And the rest of the story.